Seeking Recommendations

Since LJ is so dead in general these days, I'm not sure how many people will actually see this. There were more items I intended to inquire about, but I can only remember three at the moment. I'm looking to replace three items, and wondering if there is anything new-ish to check out (new, as in the last year maybe?).

I want:

A daily moisturizer with SPF30 or more, something for combination skin is best. If it has a primer quality to it, all the better.

An effective lip plumper, preferably clear.

A night treatment with anti-aging properties of some sort (acids, ceramides, whatever), but not insanely greasy.

Thanks for any product advice you can contribute! :-)

EDIT: I remembered the other two!

A stick concealer (again, something new-ish, as I've tried some in the past).

A clean-rinsing body scrub that does not cost a fortune.

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I'm looking for something to replace Smashbox's Halo. Any suggestions? I use it over liquid foundation for just a little extra coverage/slight glow. Now that Estee Lauder is testing again, I need to find replacements for a few things.


P.S. I prefer something pressed. :-)
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Urban Decay

In case anyone missed the shocking buzz, Urban Decay decided to start selling their cosmetics in china, thus it will be tested on animals!

UD changed their press statement, but their new one can be found here:,default,pg.html

There is an online petition here:

As well PETA created an email campaign:

Or if anyone wants to raise their concern, customer service email is

Spread the word!

On a side note, Urban Decay isn't alone on this. Just recently Estee Lauder (MAC, Smashbox) and Avon made the same move. Making trips to Sephora quite fruitless for us.
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$2 Urban Decay sale

There's a 48 hour sale over at HauteLook for $2 Urban Decay items.
It's old stock but there are few vegan items on there for only $2!!!

Vegan items on sale:
-Ink for Eyes- Pyrotechnics (iridescent glitter, clear base)
-Loose Pigment- Rockstar, Protest, Goddess, Baked, Smog, Shag, Yeyo, Graffiti, Shattered, Gunmetal.
-Matte Eyeshadow- Chronic, Narcotic
-Smoke out eye pencil- All 4 colors
-XXX shine lip gloss- All 4 but only 1 remaining in stock
-Ultraglide lip gloss- Deep, Gash, Heat, O
And looks like the old brushes are sold out :(

If anyone is interested, go for the sale now, some items are selling fast. Also, items in cart are only kept for 15 minutes, after that they go back to stock. So fill up cart and hit place order. Then you have another 15 minutes to complete the paymet.

Sale ends on the 22/12.
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In case someone missed this, Urban Decay is having Friends and Family sale, 25% off everything! Use Code 1FFNF for the sale. Also shipping (in the states) is free on all orders over $15!
Sale ends on the 12th, but it's a good time to buy the vegan palette. Or just stock up for the holidays.