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The Makeup Counter
Looks like Urban Decay ain't alone with newer expensive vegan makeup… 
24th-Sep-2010 06:17 pm
Pirate duck
Looks like Urban Decay ain't alone with newer expensive vegan makeup brushes:

Nvey Brushes;
'Your secret weapon? Any professional make-up artist worth their weight in glamour know-how realizes that a quality set of brushes makes all the difference to a finished, professional result. The World's First Compostable Makeup Brush Handle and only available from NVEY ECO! The eco-friendly makeup brush handles do not leave traces of toxins and are cruelty-free hairds are made of fine and soft synthetic fibers. Developed by an international, technical, production and creative team led by NVEY ECO's artists and educators in Australia, and tested by both professional makeup artists and consumers, has resulted in a professional brush range that meets both the professional and consumers' needs. The brush heads use cruelty-free synthetic fibers shaped and blended for optimum application, with the soft fibers being crafted and refined over months of testing, including the fine-tuning of the brush heads and the testing of new corn resin based compostable handle materials for both its durability and use in makeup artistry. Brushes can be purchased individually or as a set; complete brush set includes: Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Blush, Eyeliner, Small Shadow, Large Shadow, Brow Comb, and Lip Liner brushes.'

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