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The Makeup Counter
Urban Decay 
10th-Jun-2012 12:31 am
Pirate duck
In case anyone missed the shocking buzz, Urban Decay decided to start selling their cosmetics in china, thus it will be tested on animals!

UD changed their press statement, but their new one can be found here:

There is an online petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/urban-decay-refuse-animal-testing-in-china#

As well PETA created an email campaign:

Or if anyone wants to raise their concern, customer service email is info@urbandecay.com

Spread the word!

On a side note, Urban Decay isn't alone on this. Just recently Estee Lauder (MAC, Smashbox) and Avon made the same move. Making trips to Sephora quite fruitless for us.
28th-Jul-2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
i figured i'd post an update for anyone coming across this at a later time.

they have decided against selling in china, so it's still good for vegans. (they listened to all the feedback. yay)
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