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The Makeup Counter
Seeking Recommendations 
27th-Aug-2015 03:54 pm
Since LJ is so dead in general these days, I'm not sure how many people will actually see this. There were more items I intended to inquire about, but I can only remember three at the moment. I'm looking to replace three items, and wondering if there is anything new-ish to check out (new, as in the last year maybe?).

I want:

A daily moisturizer with SPF30 or more, something for combination skin is best. If it has a primer quality to it, all the better.

An effective lip plumper, preferably clear.

A night treatment with anti-aging properties of some sort (acids, ceramides, whatever), but not insanely greasy.

Thanks for any product advice you can contribute! :-)

EDIT: I remembered the other two!

A stick concealer (again, something new-ish, as I've tried some in the past).

A clean-rinsing body scrub that does not cost a fortune.
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