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The Makeup Counter

Vegan Makeup
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Barry M Eyeshadows!

This community is strictly for discussing vegan cosmetics. There is not enough information or products out there, so hopefully this will be helpful in sharing some knowledge.

Please post your reviews, new findings, questions, and general cosmetics inquires such as skin care, applictations, tips, etc.

Pictures are acceptable as long as they are not too big. Use your discretion. If you think they are too big, put them under the cut.

Off topic discussion and disrespect will not be accepted.

The following links are here because there is no general info page. If you think I missed a company or product post it in the community and it will be added. It would be nice to have a long list of avaliable products!
Please note that there are hardly any all vegan companies. Most of the natural cosmetics will include beeswax or carmine, so check the label to be sure. I included disclaimers at the bottom to help out.

Have fun!


North America
Dr Hauschka*
Ecco Bella*
Gabriel cosmetics
Manic Panic
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
No Miss
Tarte's vegan cosmetics page
Zia Natural
Urban Decay*
ZuZu Luxe

Canadian companies
http://www.theorganicmakeupcompany.com Closed March 31, 2007

B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful

Hair color and Hair care
Daniel Field
Herbatint Haircolor
Giovanni cosmetics
Logona cosmetics
Paul Mitchell
Special Effects- hairdye, bleach, and toner

Skin Care
Alba Organics- Skin care line, and other body products.
Dr. Hauschka*
Juicy- Face cleansers, feet scrubs, and shampoos. Avaliable at drug stores too!
Sephora- They sell some Urban Decay and Dr. Hauschka products.

Online Stores
A Differnt Daisy Lots of vegan goodies including nail polishes, razors, hair care, suncare, insect repellents, and more!
Bombshell Bath & Beauty - Mineral makeup
Vegan Essentials
Vegan Unlimited

General Information
American Anti-vivsection society's Guide to Compassionate Shopping
Caring Consumer- PeTA's directory to vegetrian and vegan products and charities.
Skin Deep- A safety assessment of ingredients in personal care products.
Makeup Books

While most of the links here have many vegan options, some products may contain beeswax, carmine, or other by-product.

*Aveda - We use state-of-the-art testing methods to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. All of our ingredients and formulations are tested in vitro and on human volunteers. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others to conduct animal testing on our behalf. May contain animal by products, need to inquire for specific item.

*Barry M Cosmetics have never tested their finished products on animals or engaged another company to do so on our behalf. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians but some contain animal by-products (like Beeswax) making them unsuitable for Vegans. Ranges of products not suitable for Vegans, Make up, Foundation Creme, Shimmering Body Creme, Translucent Compact, Natural Dazzle compact, Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon, Lip paint, Lip Gloss and Mascara.

*Dr.Hauschka- Skin Care opposes animal testing. We do not perform animal testing nor do we use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Plant-derived ingredients are used whenever possible, however, we do not hold a vegetarian or vegan standard. WALA Heilmittel, manufacturer of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products, has a holistic formulary philosophy that values ingredients from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Several ingredients in Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products are humanely obtained from animals: Lanolin, lanolin alcohol, lactose, propolis, royal jelly, pollen and beeswax. No animal is harmed to obtain these ingredients. Silk powder and carmine are derived from insects. Obtaining these ingredients is not possible without harm to the insect. These ingredients are purposefully chosen for their unique properties. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products are certified for complying with guidelines regarding animal testing and ingredients set forth by both PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the BDIH (German Federation of Natural Products Manufacturers). Details on these guidelines may be accessed online at: www.peta.org and www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de

*ecco bella- Currently all products can be used successfully by vegans except for the following lipsticks which contain carmine: Pink Rose, Mauve Rose, Claret Rose, Tuscany Rose and Napa Grape. Our complete line of Lip Crayons also contain carmine. Blush colors that contain carmine are Burgundy Rose, Wild Rose, Orchid Rose and Coral Rose. Our Beige and Medium Beige Cover Up sticks contain beeswax.

*Logana- Use honey, beeswax, lanolin, lanolin alcohol, and carmine pigment in various parts of our line. Do not use animal fats or oils or any other slaughterhouse by-products.

*Lush- have many marked vegan options; others contain animal by products.

*Origins- The following is a list of non-vegan Origins products: (contain beeswax: Rain & Shine Liptint, Cover Your Mouth, Creamy Lipcolor, Just Browsing,Sheer Sticks, Matte Sticks, Shimmer Sticks, Mind Your Mouth, Lip Gloss, Peace of Mind Gumballs, Lip Remedy, Love Me Tender, Lasting Lipcolor, Eye Brightening Sticks, Underwear for Lips; Shadow Sticks); (contain honey: Mind Your Mouth, Cover Your Mouth, Cold War Honey).

*Suncoat- some products contain beeswax.

*Urban Decay- Although we are a cruelty-free company, and not a vegan company, we love vegans and wanted to make your shopping experience easier! Be on the look out for Marley's purple paw, which certifies that the product is vegan.